Monday, April 9

I guess I'm not so 'bloggy' after all!

OR, maybe it's just that I am so many other things?
I love to sew. I have been cutting out lots of things and on purpose not sewing them. I will sew them up later. I have proven to myself that if I cut something out, I will get around to finishing it!
Friday night I sewed Lydia two dresses. One was denim with red on the other side with white dots! (actually a jumper) She wore it with a yellow t-shirt to the family reunion on Saturday. The other one was a sleeved dress from some really old fabric I found somewhere. It is pink gingham with flowers on the bottom that resemble an old pillowcase....the top is hard to explain. Olivia said it was the cutest dress she has ever seen in her whole life! Wow.
I cut out Heather's dress she will wear to her sister's wedding. I am at a glitch but I think I can overcome.
I cut out a size six dress lastnight........the fabric has old dolls on it. I am really going to snazz up the sleeves on this one.
I cut out a mother/daughter apron set from some wild fruity fabric. The background is yellow, the pockets are red with teeny white dots, the pockets are trimmed a bit on the bottom so they're not just plain rectangles. I can't wait to see the finished product.
I have had some old fabric that I've been pondering over for quite some time has a white background with green, purple, tan and yellow flowers. It looks retro, kinda like the pink gingham dress that is ready for Lydia to wear.
I have had two shirts from Pandhandle Slim? for a really long time. One has a brown horse print, the other is yellow with horses. Well, maybe I should say WAS. I cut the backs out of the shirts to make Lydia a purse. The inside will be lined with a fabric that is green with horseshoes!
I have a size six apron dress cut out is brown/red/yellowishgreen plaid, the apron is a calico type flower that has the same colors. It will be a humble dress when I finish!
I have a Jiffy/Simplicity 5480 pattern from a LONG time ago. It was 50cents when sold. It is a 3 piece play set, simple to sew, A line sleeveless dress. I had some old dotted swiss type material I used for this one. It will be a size one.
I got some fabric about a month ago that is red with little white sheep jumping around amidst white hearts. I thought it would be cute for a sleeping gown. I used an old pattern for it, also...Simplicity 5339.
So, lest you think I am crazy for cutting all of these things out and letting them pile up, I will tell you why I do it.
When it gets warm down here, actually sometimes in March........the ceiling fans never go off. If I try to cut out a pattern under a ceiling fan that is on LOW, I don't do so well. I think, oh, that pattern piece won't go anywhere........oops, there it floats off of the table. There went a neck facing off in the breeze. SO, instead of making hay while the sun shines, I cut out patterns when the ceiling fan is off.
There is a method to my madness.
Also, my gardens keep me from being very bloggy.
I have a couple that are going to be undone soon, but even so, the ones that won't be undone will keep me very busy.
As soon as Daniel and I can do it, we are going to take apart my Solo Garden and do away with Olivia's garden. There are lots of bricks, weeds and trees coming up, so it won't be easy. There's yard art all mixed up with the weeds. We are going to buy dirt/sand and make little hills where the gardens used to be. We think it is fitting. We already have a successful hill on that side of the house, so I know we can do it.
So. If my Blog slows down, you can guess where I'm at.......when I'm not doing those two things, I'm probably at my favorite thrift store, buying bananas, picking somebody up from work, drinking coffee, hanging clothes on the line, lighting a candle, doing school, looking at Martha Stewart magazines or cleaning out a drawer.


Pastor McEntire said...

I do wish you would get with it. None of the rest of us get to sit around and do nothing!

Love, husband

Peach said...

Mr. Mc is funny. ha. ha.

I know exactly what you mean about pattern pieces floating off.
I don't like to cut out patterns. I don't like to cut out pattern pieces.
So, I do them when I'm REALLY in the mood, all at once. Then, later, when I'm actually in the mood to sew, it is all ready for me to sit down to do. :) :)
I didn't really want to do any hemming the other night, but it was the only thing left to do to finish the dresses, so I decided I wanted to get them done EARLY bc I knew I had a big weekend coming up and I did not want to be sewing late when we got home Saturday night. Look at me, I'm growing up. :)
BTW, I like your blog. Your picture posts are very nice. They are what is called a photoblog. :)

Mrs. Mo said...

I guess we all gotta grow up sometime...someway, right?

Peach said...

Oh dear!! Please say it isn't so!!