favorite things

These are four of my favorite things! They are hardly ever together. They are hardly ever empty.
What are four of YOUR favorite things?
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My favorite things are, my Bible, my wedding ring, my pictures of my family. These are not things of flesh and blood of those things, they are, The living Lord in my heart, My family, my friends, these are my favorite things and people
hon rosie said…
Horses, dogs, cats and birds!
I love animals!

Peach said…
My favorite things: Jersey knit sheets, my babies, glass nail files, and my laptop (to talk to my Mommy and good friends).
Anonymous said…
I have some favorite things just like that! I painted one of 'em purple ;) and it has a white geranium in it.

I also like honeysuckle-scented drawer liner, lavender-scented lotion, cotton/linen/laundry-scented candles and my new ruby red grapefruit-scented dish soap.


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