Sunday, March 4

Redwall Feast

So! We finally did it. We finally bought all of the ingredients to have a feast just like the Redwallers! We have read the books for years and have always enjoyed the parts about eating, so we checked out the official Redwall Cookbook, made a menu, then a grocery list........then we fixed and baked all morning on Saturday. We ate promptly at two! This was our menu: Mushroom Pasties, Deeper-n-Ever Beetroot Pie, Dibbun's Delight, Shrimp Hot Root soup, Apple snow, hare's Paw Spring Vegetable Soup, Crispy Cheese and Onion Bread, October Ale, Loamhedge Legacy Nut Bread, Nunny Molers. I was Lavender the hare mom, James was Lord Winchester Fenwick, Olivia was Marrisa the mousemaid, Daniel was Tango the otter, Kim was Melody the mole and Lydia was Daffodil.......just a Dibbun! I made her a special dress. It had a secret pocket that was supposed to be for the candied nuts,,,,,,,,but as you see they turned out rather sticky and we didn't think it was a good thing to put in a pocket. It was a beautiful Saturday, the sun was shining, there was a cool breeze and nobody was sick for once! We had a very happy day together!
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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mobunny! Hi! It is Chas from the shed! I have been AWOL for a while now since my computer went crazy on me and we went for months without one. You are one of the only ones that I really talked much with on the shed and I wanted to stop by and say hi! I hope you are all well, and if you have a chance come by and visit my blog at
Take Care!


wow!!I am glad you all got to have your feast. I'm not familiar with the "Redwall Feast" but it sounds really neat. Grandma


Lydia, I have been thinking about those strawberries all night. They sure look good. love you, Grandma

hon rosie said...

I think I took a few...... With out asking!!!! And some rasberrys also. I mean that what naughty dibbuns are suposed to do!!


Peach said...

Ok, what's with the weird face, Lydia?
Mo, I posted something new on my blogspot... you can comment there! :)
I wanted to tell you that your voice over the phone doesn't sound like I would have thought, after seeing pictures of you... It just doesn't match in my head.. LOL
And... I have NO CLUE who the Redwallers... what books???
I have much knowledge to gain, still...

Happymama said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun cooking these recipes. I'm sorry a couple of them didn't turn out the way you had hoped, but I know you had a good time just the same.