Thursday, March 8


Hope you have a nice day, today! This is a honey-bun has no calories because it is a picture and you can't eat it!
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Happymama said...

You have the meanest posts!! First the plate of brownies and now THIS!!! LOL

So do you have a recipe for this honeybun cake? OH wait! I don't want the recipe for this one. I'd like the one for the honeybun cake that is LOADED with calories and I CAN eat it. :)


Anonymous said...

HaHa I fooled you. I ran off a copy of the buns and ate it. Just kidding. Papa. Have a nice trip.

Michele said...

ha ha PaPa!!!!!!

I'll get you the recipe Kristi.
For the REAL stuff.

hon rosie said...

HEY! That's not nice!! lol!