Sunday, March 25

Good Morning

I have almost as many 'pink' bonnets as 'blue' bonnets in my yard. One of my favorite things to do is mosey through the yard and see what is coming up, going to seed, blooming and other things flowers (and weeds) do.
Come see me..............and my getting bigger every day radishes, my peas blooming, plantain growing in the rocks, new zinnias coming up, white irises, patches of allysum, roses blooming, Zephyr sleeping in the bird bath, avocados sprouting?, multi-colored nasturtiums, discarded bird seed growing, cilantro going to seed, my 5' high irises with NO blooms.........and my weeds. Sorry Charlie and a new weed that I've had for two years.
This is a great time of year.
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I love this time of year. Everything new and fresh. I even like the new leaves coming on the trees in my front yard.The flowers are wonderful. This week traveling to Jason's home, We saw dogwood blooming and it was outstanding. I loved it. Grandma

Michele said...

Dogwood flowers kind of just hang in the air! Were there bluebonnets blooming in between here and there?


Michele, yes the bluebonnets were blooming as well as the orange ones and lots and lots of yellow ones. I think if it would come a good rain many more would bloom. Grandma

hon rosie said...

I can't wait for them to start to go to seed. I love to pick them and shell them. But sometime's by hands get all red and sore.....


Anonymous said...

"Come see me....." Ahhhhh, I would if I could! ;)

I know you're not NEARLY old enough to be my mother, but you have so much wisdom and such a wonderful teaching, comforting, encouraging way about you.....sometimes I think it might be nice to just sit in your kitchen(or your garden!) and soak up a little bit of you.

It is hard to not be close to a mother on whose shoulder a person can lie her head and cry for a minute or two. Your children are indeed fortunate.

.....I think I can hear you now, reminding me that it's not YOU, but rather the presence of God working through you, that provides all of those special blessings to those you minister to. Praise God that His presence is available to me no matter how far away Texas is from California!! :D


(Whoo! Those 3rd trimester hormones are really kickin' in! :P)

Mobunny said...

I can't wait till your little one gets here Robin!!!!