Thursday, February 22


This is just a test.
The brownies are real but you can't have any.
This is just a test.
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hon rosie said...

To jolly well bad! I already ate one wot wot! Flippen good form eh?


Just Theresa said...

Testing what? If a person's drool comes through the computer? lol

Janie said...

That's not fair. I can smell them...I think I can even taste them. I want one!!!

Anonymous said...

Now why would you want to tease a nice pregnant lady about a think like brownies?
Pretty plate. :)


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, a THING etc., etc.


Happymama said...

Well! That was just a mean post.



Mobunny said...

I guess none of you care WHY I needed to do a TEST picture post. All you can think of is yourselves. All you can think of YOU and brownies.
It's all about you and brownies.

And yes, it is a pretty plate. We have three little ones like it. They all have names on the back.....Pink Lemonade, Apple Strudel, Cherry Cheesecake.


hon rosie said...

Oh, so now we are jolly well naming plates wot wot? And you takl to me about naming stuffed animals. Jolly bad form eh?


hon rosie said...

Ahhhh! I mean, TALK! Tiddly widdly!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite.
WHY did you need to do a test picture post?
And yes, at that moment in time, it was all about me and the brownies (oh, like YOU'RE not thinking about them too! ;P).


Peach said...

I do not like tests.
Nor do I like nuts in my brownies.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

For some reason our computer won't let me 'blog this' pictures from the Rabbit I 'blogged this' picture of a plate of brownies as a test to see if our computer would let me do it on Rabbit Trails.
I've been trying to post a Laura Ashley dress onto the Rabbit Hutch for a week and it won't let me.
(head bang)
Maybe my computer is tired of hopping around?

eightsweets said...

You expect us to believe that?

We all know you have a reputation for tempting people with brownies.

Daniel said...

mmmmmm they look so good!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I fixed my problem at the Rabbit Hutch if anybody is concerned.

eightsweets said...

Good. Because I'm on a diet.