Monday, February 26

My Favorite Zinnia

I can't wait for my flowers to start growing. When this particular color comes to my garden, it sure makes me happy!
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Anonymous said...

I saw the flower,,,it did brighten my day!! Les gets all excited with spring around the corner and rotilling the garden and watching the tulips/iris come out. We are getting new chicks this Friday and it is supposed to be cold, SO they may have to stay in a box in the basement!!I'm not taken care of them! Have A Blessed Day, Love Kristi


That is a beautiful flower. I am looking forward to spring, my favorite time of the year. HAVE a happy day, Michele, love you, Grandma

Happymama said...

Very pretty. I love pink, so that would have brightened up my day too. :)


Michele said...

Happy (almost) Spring to you all!!!!!
Heather saw my first Blue Bonnet a bloomin yesterday!
I pulled weeds this morning and am going to plant something here in a minute!!!!
Grandma, missed you at church yesterday.
Kristi, hope you get your painting done.
Happymama, there's more to come!!!!

Anonymous said...

That color is downright luscious!

Can't wait to see pix of your Blue Bonnets!


mosbb said...

~~~~everythings better....
with Blue bonnet onit~~~~~