Monday, February 12

My Day Monday

I took some cayenne and garlic and bent over and picked weeds and now I have heartburn
the Cedar Wax Wings are eating red berries and are using our WHOLE yard as a litter box
we had oatmeal for breakfast
Kimberly has some Saxon math that I can't figure out
my coffee turned sour on me this morning and didn't taste good
my side garden is FILLED with ground cover that I wish would just curl up and die
I did some tucks insideout on a jumper I am making
the lady on freecycle said she didn't want my bag of stuffed animals

I have one one of my favorite jumpers
the house is clean
my bed is made
Daniel is getting better
the pumpkin bread I made this morning turned out perfect
it's fixing to rain so it will wash all the Cedar Wax Wing issues off of our driveway
our van was NOT parked under the tree
all of our water jugs are filled up

It LOOKS like my piano has nail polish on it........but it doesn't really............I let the nail polish drip onto a paper plate, let it dry, then cut around the I have a really neat little mess that I can lay anywhere I wish. You can make your own!
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joy said...

NEAT! that is so clever! owning a piano of my own, i gasped when i saw the "mess" :oP

im gonna go do that right now! how long did it take to dry?

glad to hear daniel is getting better. did he have the flu?

hon rosie said...

Finger nailpolish on the piano wot wot? I say jolly terrible from eh laddy buck? Ah well, i jolly well knew that it was fake, I helped ya make it wot wot!


Happymama said...

That is so neat! You got me goo on the nail polish thing. I'll have to try that one.


Peach said...

oh my,i was scared for whoever did that to your piano!!
glad you can look at the bright side of things!!

Kim said...

Mo, that polish trick is almost as wierd as a rubber doggie mess.

Silly girl.

Michele said...

Joy, it took 3 days to dry was humid.
It was outside on the picnic table........
Daniel had the flu........he has missed his 4th day of work because now he sounds terrible even though he is feeling better.
He also has a bloodshot eye. Looks like I socked him!
(Karenanne and company were with us all day yesterday) :)

Susannah said...

Oh, you are high-larious, Mrs. Mo! You suckered me on that one!


L.S. said...

I adore the color! what is it?

Mobunny said...

thundering #340

Daniel said...

"thundering #340" If you dont mind if I think so, that sounds like a military jet.