Saturday, February 24

For Suzie

Is this the kind of diet you're on or not? Let me know.
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The Humphrey Herd said...

You're so mean.

Seriously though, on this diet, I probably could have a half of a small donut for a snack :-)!!!

Just Theresa said...

Ummmm, no I'm not on a donut a day diet. But that don't mean I would not eat it. lol Leave out the rice cake and granola bar for a donut any day.

Happymama said...

My diet consists of a plate with several of those on there. LOL


hon rosie said...

I say, wot wot! Let me jolly well know if I can be on that diet! I say, looks better than candied chestnuts!


Anonymous said...

Showing us a picture of a yummy donut is bad enough.

Showing us a picture of a yummy donut with BITES OUT OF IT and imagining YOU CHEWING THEM is just.....well... for shame! ;)