Saturday, February 17

Baby Blankets

This, to you, might look like a pile of old blankets that ought to be freecycled or something. Get rid of them. You don't need them anymore.
Well, they're not in my way and I do have room for them so I won't get rid of them. They are the blankets I used on my babies. They are gifts from people, they are favorites from garage sales and they bring back lots of memories. I was a blanket mama. My babies always had a blanket around them. If it was warm out, then the blanket was thin. See the brown checked one? I bought that when Caleb was little and before Olivia was born. It was a nice perfect square, just right for making a good tight fit around a baby. The green and yellow one at the end was Calebs....he had a little white outfit that went with it. The one on the top in the middle was from a family that had more kids then we did. They taught me how to use clippers on a boy's head for a burr haircut, they showed us Rod and Staff school books, they gave me a neato 'sitter' for my babies and they gave me this blanket. It was worn when they gave it to me, and now it is threadbare in some spots. One of Grandma's friends gave me a couple of blankets that she crocheted around, I always like to use them. There is one on the end that you can't see very is a light blue with animals on it. I made it by hand before Caleb was born. It always appeared to need ironed.
Ho Hum. You think this is bad? You ought to see the little clothes I have saved. I don't have pictures of the them, so you are spared!
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That is a beautiful pile of baby blankets and a heart full of wonderful memories. I am so glad you aren't throwing them away. Don't you feel your heart just swelling up with feelings, I sure do. I love you Michele and this is just one of the reasons why. Mom

Just Theresa said...

very nice Michele. That was a very sweet post.

Love you, T