Thursday, February 15

5 Littles

This was before Lydia...........we took a school outing one day to different places in Freeport. The girl with the hat can now play Fur Elise on the piano with her eyes closed. The girl in pink has three kids, two of them being twins. She keeps her home neat and tidy. The girl in the blue t-shirt writes articles for popular Christian women web sites. She also makes cheese cakes that weigh 8 pounds. The boy in the white top finished a model of the Titanic for a friend........and now has a display in our library of all the Titanic things he has collected. He LOVES his riding lawn-mower. The kid in orange is buying a house on 1st street here in our little town. He leads singing at our church and teaches the boys upstairs on Sunday mornings. He also has quite a collection of ties.
We enjoyed our little kids, but big kids are great, too.!!!!
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Pastor McEntire said...

Where did the time go??

Just Theresa said...

I remember them at that age. I had just became part of the McEntire Family really. With my oldest being the same age as Kimberly.


The time has gone and in exchange we get children who have grown for the most part to responsible adults or young adults and you can look at each of them and see that the time invested in them has more than been worthwhile. I remember them from the time you told us they were coming and I love them more than words can express as well as their parents. Thank God for the blessing of our children !! Grandma and Mom