Wednesday, January 24

Word #2


Use it in a sentence.



Michele, do you have a baby leveret? Mom

Daniel said...

I say old chap, terrible form wot wot. Stir your stumps, and frizzel your garters, young leveret me chap. Top hole and all that rot!!!

King Bucko Big Bones

Just Theresa said...

The young Leveret was to have his first birthday. And Uncle Hasenpfeffer was going to be at the party. They was all happy and eating clovers, when it started to rain and they had to go inside. The End.

hon rosie said...

Aunt Theresa, I think you should win. You did great.
Nice King Bucko Big Bones. You surly should not win, bad form wot eh?
Here's mine,
(I have to talk like a hare now)
Blistering Barnicles you young leveret, I never seen a hare put away food food so fast! Of course other that, King Bucko Big Bones!!!


Olivia said...

I wonder how many words you'll be able to do till you forget what number you're at.

Joyce said...

Hello Michelle,

I e-mailed you. How are things??

e-mail be back and I will send you some pics of my busy year.

Joyce in NJ

Mobunny said...

Joyce, I e-mailed you.
Olivia, how dare you think I could not keep track of my words.
Grandma,,,,,no, I don't have a baby leveret.
Theresa, I LOVE it.
Daniel, wot wot.
Lydia, you read too much.

(i am anon....nothing else will work)

Mobunny said...

silly computer

hon rosie said...

I can't help there soooo good!!!!
Sorry, would you like to know how fast I have read one? Two days!!!


Stiffner Meddic said...

King Bucko Bigbones???
yea right. your cool but not that cool. more like BigMOUTH

Anonymous said...

Stiffner Meddic is tyler by the way

Daniel said...

I say terrible of you really old chap, you forgot to use the bally word 'leveret' in a bloomin sentence. And I say a young whipersnapper like your self callin down a officer, I'll have you on kitchen duty, have your whiskers for boot-laces, and guts for garters.

Your good ole friend, and noble Hare... King Bucko Big Bones

tyler said...

who are ye callin a bloomin leveret me buck. shame on your jolly old bloomin self wot wot. chin up chest out and all that rot wot wot. humph flippin disgrace if you ask me wot wot. talk in bally old rot to a sienior flippin oficer.

Stiffner Meddic

Pastor McEntire said...

the very first time i heard of it
i did not think of knew of it
but then i sought after it
and discovered the meaning of leveret


i went looking for a hare
not over a year, not even a hair
when all of a sudden it was there
not only one but a pair

Pastor McEntire said...

The second line in the first stanza of that noble poetry is suppose to read:

i did not think i knew of it

Happymama said...

The leveret hopped to hole beneath the tree and exclaimed, "Mother, I'm home with a heap of good cabbage and carrot. Boil the water and sharpen the knives. We're eating good tonight!"


hon rosie said...

Nice happymama! I like yours.


Happymama said...

Thanks Lydia. I made it up, but I thought it was pretty jazzy myself. LOL hehehe