Friday, January 19

Stripey Socks

I found some socks that match my new favorite top! Yay. I had to buy the silly things in a pack of 3 to get them..........but it was worth it. I smiled real big when I put them on for the first time. So, my 'Good and Plenty' outfit is complete. (I got some pink hair skrunchies, too.)
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The Humphrey Herd said...

Is that you Michele? You're not wearing a jumper!


Mobunny said...

I have found that wearing the black tweedy looking skirt is very enjoyable. I have some fun tops I've been wearing with it. I haven't been feeling very jumperish for some reason. Maybe cause it's been cold. Middle 40's you know.

hon rosie said...

it be lookens like guud an, pleanty!