My family

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I would have reconized them any where.:)Very cute.You all really favor, something about the nose, I think?????
joy said…
hee hee! too funny!

i was at the shorter's the other day and saw your family picture that came in the mail. it is very nice. u all look quite dapper :o)
Happymama said…
You know, the more I read y'all's blogs, the more I feel you're a kindred spirit. LOL

We used to like to keep those glasses in the car and we'd put them on as we drove down the road. Our whole family would have them on as we drove to church and the people we would pass on the road just did not know WHAT to think. Another favorite pass time was dangling spoons off our noses in restaurants. Yes, good times! :)

You're on our desktop for the day...this was just too funny to not share it with everyone!!

Just Theresa said…
My question is,,, how did you get Caleb to put them on???? lol very funny post (smile)
Pastor McEntire said…
I said, "Caleb, put these on."

Right Caleb???
caleb said…

If that is the way you choose to remember the senario...far be it from me to say anything to the contrary.

Does Physical coercion many anything to anybody? Sensory deprivation? Emotional duress??

I will let anyone that knows me decide if that looks like something I would do like that without outside forces.
Olivia said…
Yeah. Me too, Caleb. *roll eyes*
Michele said…
It is one of my most favorite pictures on Picasa. I think we'll do it again....if somebody can find the glasses.
Pastor McEntire said…

Exactly what I meant! When I said put them on you were afraid of what would happen if you did not!

Does stomping a mud hole and stomping it dry mean anything to you? What about a headlock? Or a full nelson? Or choke hold? Or saying "uncle"? Or pinned to the mat???
Just Theresa said…

Well to me,,, No, does not look like something you would do. But I'm glad you did. The picture would not be the same without you in it.
hon rosie said…
Who are these people anyway???? ;)
Am I related to these people??
Whooooohahahahahhehehehe...Ahem,er,er, sorry about that!!!


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