Saturday, January 20

Hello Saturday

Hope you all have a good day. I was up early.......did a load of clothes, worked on a devotion for the Women's Fellowship next Saturday and drank coffee with caffeineeneneeiene.

here is my favorite artist:

I love the way she paints and draws and everything. I probably don't agree with her philosophy on life.......but she sure draws pretty.


hon rosie said...

Youm bein drinkens caffein muther.
thats be 'orrible!


Anonymous said...


aye marm, youm bein best not drinkin gurt loarders of ee caffien... hurrr orr.

your zurr hur gurt dibbun

Daniel McEntire

Michele said...

It's good for you two ding-dongs when I do it cause I clean YOUR stuff up while I'm whizzing around.

hon rosie said...

Oi nuver leav gurt messes! ho hurr!
it bein gurt soilclaw marm zurr zurr
oi thinks i better go nows hurr hurr!