Tuesday, January 16

Good Morning

It is going to be a freezy breezy day I can see. I like this kind of weather....just like we have it....... not very OFTEN. I enjoy the brisk air and the cold noses....but not very OFTEN. I don't know if I could live anywhere north of Angleton! I am going to Lake Jackson today to the bank and Wal-Mart. I will also be looking for some pink and black socks.....you know, "Good and Plenty" pink and black! When I get back I will prepare Kimberly's school for another week or so. That is....if I don't let the Piddles kill my day.

"See you in the funny papers." Amelia Wilhelm
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Happymama said...

I'm glad you got your own blog. Yay! You and your sister favor and I liked what you said about her always being two years older than you. LOL Looking forward to reading more!!



I hope you and Olivia don't get too cold out there.I guess I am just a house plant. Really, I am just old and it hurts my bones. Good hearing from you today. Grandma

LoneStarBlogger said...

Hey, glad to see you on here. I will check here often to see what rabbits have been jumped up lately.

Your Favorite B-N-Law

mosbb said...

freezy, breezy, huh? Enjoy it, Mo. Wear a sweater for a change...it is a new sensation for those of you that live so far south.
Piddles? I know I should understand, but I don't?
Was Amelia your grandmother?

Mrs. Mo said...

Piddling Kim. Messing around. To go in circles. Trying but not suceeding. To start and not finish. Starting to vaccum, but end up looking at a flower book.

Amelia Wilhelm was my granny. She said all kinds of funny things.
One thing she said is....Don't Fall Down and Go Boom. It will be the title of my book. IF I can stop piddling and get it written.