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Don't Be Idle

This is Zephyr. She is the most discontent, unhappy cat I've ever seen in my life. She is selfish plain and simple. All she can think about is HER belly. This is not done in silence. When I get up (early), she's been up for hours wasting away. She's died of starvation 8 times. Don't be like Zephyr. The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs   "Who are the men who are most discontented?  but idle persons-- for they lie around and find fault with everything."   (page 50-51) Zephyr is an unhappy cat. Not a happy camper.   How about you? IDLE lazy, slothful, work-shy (ha ha) shiftless, inactive, sluggish (like a bad drain) without purpose DISCONTENT dissatisfaction with circumstances displeasure Have you no weeds to pull? No list to make or finish? No bread to bake? Nothing to mend or fix? No corner to clean? Nothing to learn? No letter to write? No project to fin
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I had a poster like this years ago.  I wish I still had it.  :(

Harvey August 2017

Friday, while Harvey was approaching the coast of Texas, I started to clean up my sewing room. *Somebody let it get messy.* The above picture is a huge old kitchen pantry from a sale.  It holds yarn, embroidery patterns, holiday fabric, sewing patters and crochet hooks.   The bird bag you see is the bag I take along in the car on long trips. I fix embroidery projects. I don't get car sick, so it's a fun thing to do while driving. It's better than crocheting because when I pull the thread up, I also look up. With crocheting, I never get to look up to see the country side. To the right is where I keep all my embroidery thread. I do have lots, but I do lots of embroidering. It's a low cost hobby and I love it. The top can is full of variegated thread. This is the table my sewing machine is on. It was formerly my Pastor and Wife's kitchen table. It's kind of special. The fabric on the left are hopeful aprons.

15 Hour Documentary 6:30 AM-9:30 PM

This is the first thing I did. Put some *pop* in the fridge. If you haven't tried Shasta Crème Soda, you MUST. We got a new Kroger.  It's the 3rd Kroger I've shopped at in our area since we moved here. I don't like the new's the size of a small city, but they stopped carrying SHASTA. Guess they needed more room for home décor and yogurt.    Then, of course, I make coffee.  I like quotes, but they have to be profitable. Or funny. I don't like the *do as you please* type quotes.  But it's always OK to delight in small discoveries. Like a new bloom in the garden.    I boiled eggs. 18 minutes, lots of salt in the water. One always seems to have to get attention. Don't be that egg.    I wasn't going to put this picture up, but it WAS a part of my morning.  Rats in Blue's Room (or one rat) tried to chew through this container. It was a perfect container for bir


Go to the ant thou sluggard.... Proverbs 6:6   Sluggard: inactive, lounger, layabout, do nothing, idler, loafer, good for nothing.... *habitual*   There is a great difference between resting, and being lazy. There's nothing wrong with sitting on your porch (if you have one) with a glass of lemonade.  There's nothing wrong with taking your work boots off and falling asleep in your chair. There's nothing wrong with taking a nap once in a while because of early hours and late nights. You dug holes all morning in the clay soil? Then rest in the lawn chair and listen to the radio.   If you have a mind to stay busy, then you will find something to do.  Hopefully it is productive. If you have a mind to be inactive, you will find ways to please yourself.   I don't know about a hundred years ago, I wasn't here, but I do know about today. We're all about leisure.   Take a load off of your feet.   Don't be d


 I'm old enough to have seen record albums turn into mp3-Ipod whatever cords, in your ear, music. (One day, big speakers were cool.  Turn around, little gadgets are cool.) My mom sang to me, I heard her records and her radio.  I heard music on T.V.....HeeHaw. I remember when they made 8 track tapes....and wondered how in the world they could work.  Then they came up with cassette tapes. Little tape players.  I still have two players and I still listen to cassette tapes. Then along came cd's. How do THEY work? Then Napster! Pandora. Spotify. You Tube.  There is music everywhere.  You can hook up your computer to your phone to your car to your ear.   As a 4 year old, I remember my sister at age 6, teaching me a patriotic song. I listened to my mom's CW music. She had records, and she had a radio.   Crying Time Again.  It's Such a Pretty World Today! My dad sang.....I've Got Heartaches By the Number. I think I heard him sing that the

Truth is stranger than fiction....

  I almost always choose fact over fiction when it comes to reading. I have been known to read a Redwall tale or a Miss Read book, but I prefer to read true books.   I like to read about things that really happened, about real people, real feelings, real places.  If I learn something from a true book, it can be useful. How can you learn something from a fictional character? When has a unicorn ever helped you? I got these three books on Thursday. The First Mortgage A Wesley Family Book of Days New Testament KJV     Don't ask my why the title of the book on the left. The first mortgage? It is the Bible in rhyme, from Genesis to Revelation. I'm thinking I can put tunes to some of it, for my Sunday School girls. Things are easily remembered if you can sing them. Like multiplication facts. Right?    Here we have a picture of the very busy, Mrs. Wesley. I'm sure we could all learn something from her. Can't fu