Thursday, November 20

Thursday on the Gulf Coast

Sometimes it's hard to be on the coast.
Where bananas grow....
and gets just cold enough each year,
to knock my poor avocado tree out of commission.

It got up to 70 here today.
November 20.

I figure if we get through the Winter season,
and don't have to turn the A.C. on,
for Christmas or Thanksgiving,
it's been a good year.
I love a stocking hat.
A Snoopy stocking hat.
Don't see them much around anymore.
Maybe I'm not in the right state.


Anonymous said...

You will have to come visit Kansas to wear a Snoopy stocking hat. Didn't you have a hat like that when you lived in Seward? I think there is a picture of you with it on. Do you remember? Kristi

Michele McEntire said...

If you find a picture of me in a Snoopy hat, send it to me.