Tuesday, November 11

Feast on 9th

So, Klarisa wanted to make an apple pie,
and I wanted to watch a movie.
So, we added a few things to it.

It was a beautiful day to cook.
It was cool outside and the windows were open.
Just right for everything I needed to do.
#1, make the oatmeal rolls Klarisa requested.
I bought new yeast.
The other yeast has been in the fridge since the Ice Age.
I should just get rid of it.
I don't trust it anymore.

I got out our pretty dishes.
I absolutely just about UNDOES me,
to use matching dishes.
And glasses.
They're all the same.
So, I checked to see if I had any forks that matched.
I have two or three of a few,
but not four of any.
Well, these all had stars on them.

Yes, I should have ironed the table-cloth.

Klarisa brought the drinks.
If you don't have apple *pop*,
don't even come.

Come on Klarisa,
do the asparagus.....

We almost had to sell the van to buy this stuff.
I wonder who named the vegetables?
The week before, it was HALF of what I paid for it
on my grocery buying day.
Wrapped a fancy meat around it and
put it in a skillet and added garlic.
I like fresh or canned.
Canned is easier.
Just sayin.

My friend from H.E.B. said buy THIS roast.
She said it would be a good roast.
So I believed her.

I could drink this stuff all day long.
Back before I even knew there was such a thing as apple pop,
we would mix ginger-ale and apple juice together.
That was pretty good, too.
We went to Mexico and had apple pop for the first time there.
I was hooked.

Just eating.

After we were done, we pretty much
should have just made the rolls and the caramel sauce.

So, the movie of the night was:
What the Deaf Man Heard
Klarisa of course had never seen it.
Daniel, Papa Bear and I,
have lots of it memorized.
Why don't you hang a sign outside that says....
Tolliver, this just ain't been your summer
you get to WASH, *MY* car
hey! dum dum

This wasn't the best time to have to dig another DVD out of the player.
I knew it wasn't good when Papa Bear got out his flashlight,
then I knew it really wasn't going well when he got a screwdriver.

We ended up watching it on the computer in the office.
On hard chairs.
Nobody fell asleep.
Our next movie will be:

Boy's Town

So, Klarisa is all nice to me on Friday nights,
but this is how she looks at me on Sunday afternoons.

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