Sunday, September 7

I Can Keep A Secret......

Exciting morning in San Marcos.
Pretty table,
good coffee.

Getting to know David....
and his parents.

Kimberly said,
what she always said,
to me.....
"Close my door, driver!"
I miss that.

Why of COURSE we want to eat at Salt-Grass.
Perfect place for a surprise.

Celebrating Kimberly's birthday a bit late....
turned into something else.

Will you marry me?  he asked?
Yes!  she answered!

I can't say for sure what both of them are gasping about.....
but there was a whole group of people in the doorway
that witnessed the whole proposal...
and they all cheered and clapped.

Not losing a daughter,
just gaining another son.

So, we go do a few *local* things.
Except fish.
We didn't fish.
We DID get to take a ride in a glass bottom boat.
You'd think as old as I am,
that I would have done that before!
Had a very nice time with the Burkhart family.

This picture (below)
 isn't real clear.
This is usually what happens to my
It goes round and round and round,
makes some noise,
then goes into a place where nobody can see.
To join quarters, nickels and dimes.

This is close to where David lives.
This is why I worry about my kids
when I don't know for sure where they are.
I guess it's a mom thing.


Kari said... sweet! I love engagements, weddings, and babies! Did you take any pics of the ring? Love and miss y'all!

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

:) Aww, wonderfully exciting.