January 29th

These are birthday cards.
LOTS of them.
They were all for my mom.
I asked my people persons to send her a card
on her special day.
My Aunt asked her people persons to
send cards to my mom.
My sister asked people, too.
And some others asked some others.

My mom has sent more cards and letters
on her own
than just about everybody else I know put together.
I thought it would be nice for people to pay her back.
And they did.
I finally got to see them all......
It was great looking through them....
people sent her beautiful hand made cards.....
poems, letters....little gifts.....

The bottom picture are cards from people that know me.
They don't know my mom.
But they sent her a card anyway.
That was just pretty special.
Thanks again, to all of you that took part in this.
My mom is still enjoying looking through them.
(over 100)


Rebecca said…
I'm pretty bummed. I'm pretty sure I didn't send a card. What a wonderful, WONDERFUL outpouring of thoughtfulness. So reassuring to see.
Grammie Kim said…
It was an honor to send a card to my dearest Mo's mom. I wish I had been afforded an opportunity to visit her with you the way you got to visit mine with me!
Sheri Hepworth said…
I'm glad you're with your folks. Take all the loving care and attention you can get while you're there!
Rebecca, I'm pretty sure you DID send a card.
Kim, I LOVE any time I get to see your mom.
Kitchenmaid, I had a wonderful day with my mom. One of the best.

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