Monday, July 2

more camping camping camping

Here is kind of a sad picture.  These are strays that evidently live in this road side park.  The picnic
tables were made in the late 30's.  Looks like they might last another 50 years!  They don't make them like *this* anymore.....seems like things built today are made to break and be replaced, and Americans are glad to do so.

This was sad, too.  Makes me think this woman had a skip in her step and twinkle in her eye right up to her death.

Even MORE sad.  Makes me think of English...........sad, sadder, saddest.

I love old doors and the chippy paint.

Wednesday before church, this is where we ate.  It was just your run of the mill TEX-MEX eatery.

I liked their window!

We drove through two or three little cities looking for a church that was OPEN on a Wednesday evening for services.  We found a church with a young pastor........their church had been vandalized that morning.  I must say, he had a pretty good spirit and attitude about the whole messed up deal.  When we got out of the truck, an older man came right up to us and introduced himself and showed us inside.  Later on, he jumped right over to where we were sitting to pray with us in our little *group* like everybunny else was doing.  He gave us perfect attention and care.  It was very nice.  I think I shall call him Brother Helpful.


Anonymous said...

Those poor kitties.....they must be doing okay though because they look pretty well-fed. They sure are CUTE!

Rebecca said...

I like chippy windows and churches made up of friendly, praying people, too!

Dee said...

The doors and windows are great...colorful and chippy.The grave stones are sad and the kitty's are probably happy being free. They look like they are taking good care of themselves. It is great that you found such a friendly church...some are very cold. I am glad you are having such a good camping trip...I hope you will continue to share with us.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I'm thinking the Americans that go to this park, throw away a lot of food....and the cats are happy for it.
I'm hoping to do better when it comes to greeting strangers into *our* church from now on. Brother Helpful's attention toward us really made an impression on me!

Grammie Kim said...

Bro. Helpfuls are rare. We studied III John today. Bro. Gaius was a perfect example of this. We would do well to study and copy his care and concern for traveling brothers and sisters...especially in the sense that HE met THEIR needs...