Part 2 ABC's of Cleaning

*C*~~~~~~~~~~~~~Be cheerful.

 Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

 Stomping around about things doesn't get *things* done.  When you do things with a frown on your face, they are harder to finish.Nobody likes to watch somebody fuming about because of the things they are called on to do.  Or worse yet, just not do them at all!  Actually, who is EVER in the mood to clean up a pitcher of sweet tea that was spilled around the freezer floor?

Dirty dishes, cooked on spaghetti in a crock pot, crumbs on the car seat, fleas on the dog, cobwebs, clogged up drains, weeds, lost socks, potty accidents, syrup down the elbow,  jelly in the hair, exploded diaper, 3 meals a day.......don't be surprised when these things happen.  And if you make friends with the fact that it is mainly YOU that will make everything spiffy and tidy up the nursery, you will do lots better.  It IS your job to clean and make the house a home.  Don't get up with the attitude of wondering if everybody is going to want to eat breakfast.  Go to bed with a plan.  Being a home-keeper is a glorious existence.

Be grateful for dirty dishes, that means you had food.  Be grateful for knots in wet shoe-strings, that meant your kids can play outside.  Be happy that you have dress pants to wash, because your husband wears them to church.

*D*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~De-clutter and Downsize.  I've never been very good at getting rid of something if I buy something.  You know, keep it even kind of deal.  Something bought, something chunked.  I will deal more with what to do with your stuff with letter G.....but you have to have the heart do downsize and de-clutter before giving things away will work.

We have a 2,000 square foot house and a huge yard.  We have 13 rooms in our house.  I have had plenty of room to store things.  Room or no room, mistakes will be made.  You have to find the happy medium between being a minimalist or a hoarder.  A minimalist only has shoes that fit the baby, none in storage.  They also do not have a container to send home brownies......A hoarder has ALL the baby shoes their 9 kids wore and their containers cannot be found in the kitchen because they're under a pile of old newspapers.

You have to break the sentimental feelings with the things you own.  If you don't like it and it isn't useful to you, get rid of it.  If you don't, the things you do like and maybe even collect, cannot be enjoyed because of the piles of things you won't part with.  If you have a difficult time doing this, box up some things you're pondering on, put that box in the garage....and you will probably forget about it.  And then when you open it months later and see what you put inside, chances are, you will get rid of the whole box.  If not, get the little knitted poodle out and put it back on the piano and be glad you didn't get rid of it!   The less clutter your house has, the better you will like it and one day you can just swoop through your house, box things up, drive to a donation drop-off, get a donut and come home smiling all the way!

*E*~~~~~~~~~~~Every night.....make some plans for the next day.  Walk through the house and see what needs to be done.  Get water. Wash rugs.  Make paper snowflakes with glitter.  Make some bread for supper.  Write mom a letter.  I keep a little note-book and constantly write things in it that I don't want to forget.  Some of you probably have a handy little app. on your cell phone, use it!  I do better with a little Snoopy notebook.....

I am always, always, always excited to get out of bed and meet the day.  I sleep better at night knowing that the things I need to remember for tomorrow are written down somewhere.  We as mothers and wives manage a lot of things, it's always a good thing to write things down on a calendar, to make notes, to have a plan.  I trust almost nothing to my memory.  I don't need to write down *get donuts in the morning*....that just sort of comes to me without much prodding!


Anonymous said…
I am REALLY enjoying these posts....Keep em coming!
Rebecca said…
I totally love AND need this "series"! I look forward to the entire thing.

Writing things down - planning the night before...this really helps me. (Tomorrow: Report to court house at 8:30 for jury duty. Sure wish I didn't have to write this down tonight!!!)
Grammie Kim said…
I love these, Mo. I might have to "borrow". :)

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