Monday, August 1

4 hoses

Our house is around 2,000 square foot.  That also means the outside of it is big.  Long way around!  Our yard is also large.  We have a front yard, two side yards and two back yards.  The guys changed our plumbing to pvc pipe some years back......and my dear husband piped in some extra outside hose areas.  They each serve a different purpose and I am thankful for all of them.  The picture above shows the one in the back of the house. 
This hose is mainly for the bird-bath and pool.  We haven't used the pool very much this summer........maybe if we filled it up, it would rain.  It seemed to work that way other summers.  This hose also fills up Bunny's red bath bucket.  She hates that bucket.  If I leave the hose out in the sun, I have free hot water.  Sometimes, VERY hot water.

 (got this from Freecycle)

This hose on the side of the house waters my zinnias.........I also wash my hair outside with this hose.  You should try it some time. 

This hose also waters the avocado trees.  I am trying to make them into bushes so they are easier to cover during our rare frosty weather.  The trees freeze and the leaves die....and when they should be setting fruit in the Springtime, they are just catching up to make leaves.


This is the garden by the front doorway.  I know it doesn't look like much now.....summer takes quite a toll on Shamrocks and Violets.

My poor sink garden has nothing in it right now except STUFF.  No flowers, not even weeds.  Nothing would grow right now in this summery sunny I will just wait until the end of September to plant something.  If I don't......weeds will be sure to come to life again.

This hose waters all the front gardens........Spider Tree Garden, 24 Minute Garden and the Side Garden.  I have spearmint (above in bloom) that has stayed nice all summer because it's right there by the hose.  It gets watered every time I turn the hose on!   It has to be in a contained area, or it will take over with its crawly roots. 

It's a new hose.  Used it for the first time this morning!  We have a nice nozzle.....except I didn't think it was very nice this morning when we were untwisting the hose and the nozzle got caught in my skirt with the ON position ON.  The hose was around $20 at Wal-mart.  I checked prices at Lowe's....that's why I bought it at Wal-mart. 

This is the Spider Tree Garden.............the zinnias seem to be enjoying summer.

This cedar/evergreen tree came up on its own in a wash-tub.  I really try to keep it watered well..........I want to plant it in the ground some day but I'm a little worried it will die if I mess with it.


This hose is on the side of the house.  I moved it from the front to this spot when we got the new hose.  

I'm trying to keep these trees alive.........they someday should hide the neighbor's back yard from our view......the house is empty and the owners don't care much about taking care of their yard.

Lydia bought me a special package of morning glories for Mother's Day.  Only one made it.  Her and I both water it......I don't know if it will ever reach the fence and bloom.

I'm also trying to keep this vine plant alive.  I have no idea what it is growing, but not flourishing.  I've been watering it with little buckets of I can do it with a hose. 

I have always loved to water things with the's just fun.  Kind of like hanging clothes on the line.  After pulling weeds all day, taking yard trash to the *pile*, moving bricks, getting bit by red-ants, sweating, getting scratched by rose bushes, trimming tree's a reward at the end of the day to *water* things!



Thanks for the tour around the outside of your home. It was a blessing.

Grammie Kim said...

You and Jim... "water the plants/flowers/yard" kind of people...
uh oh...he's out of town. gotta run, I forgot to take care of his job!

Pen Pen said...

A beautiful tour... you have a very pretty yard!

Elizabeth said...

My absolute favorite flower of all time is not a rose, nor a Gerber daisy, nor a daffodil, nor a calla lily, nor any other common bouquet flower.

...its a zinnia, hands down. Love and adore them.

Followed by gardenia. :-)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I think I started to love zinnias when I discovered that I could actually grow LOTS of them and they would bloom and bloom and bloom.