Thursday, May 5

Little Cactus

 Ever since I can remember my mom has had these little cactus plants.  They are about the size of a pencil.  Just like Shamrock plants, they kind of do what their environment dictates.  They can be plump and rounded, long and skinny, uneven and lame.

 The last time I was in Kansas, my mom sent her huge pot of these special cactus home with me.  She said she couldn't lift it any more, and it needed to be brought inside for the winter.  I felt bad for taking it because I know how she loved the plant. 

Well, in ALL the years we have had these plants, they have never ever ever bloomed.  We didn't even know they would or could.  Some of the babies fell off and I stuck them in this pot.  They stuck ME too, but I expect that.  After all these years, isn't it strange that the conditions were finally right to make it bloom.  I called my mom and told her.  Just like she calls me when it snows in Kansas.  I got some REAL pictures and sent them to her for Mother's Day.  

I have two plants in the house.  One of them is the *mother* pot of cactus and the other is a plastic planter with Hen and Chicks.  I can't seem to keep plants alive in the house.  Since both of these are from my mom, I do hope they make it.  

What kind of plants do you have in your home?  
Do you like hanging baskets?
Do you have a green thumb? 

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