Monday, November 3

Good Morning

Have a Merry November 3rd.

I just wrote out a long post about groceries, going to PaPa and Granny's house for the elections, do-nut presents and stuff like that..........and when I pasted it to the turned into some sort of a broccoli recipe. I guess I need to apply this post myself.
Have a MERRY day Mrs. Mo......even if the computer makes a broccoli salad out of your post.

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Abounding Treasures said...

The donuts look scrumptious .... my favourite is honey glazed or dipped whichever you prefer to call it :o)

Happy November to you ~ hopefully more comfortable for you than October was!


mosbb said...

I love broccoli!
I am making broccoli cheese soup for dinner tonight! But eat a donut for me while you are at it.

Janie said...

I am drooling on the keyboard looking at those donuts...yummy! I love broccoli, too, but have to say today I would choose the donut, I'm afraid.

Julie said...

I really want one of those donuts. :)

Chas said...

Those doughnuts look SO good!!!! OH my! And YES have a very Merry day, Mrs. Mo!!!
We love you! :)

Anonymous said...

took my blog private, email me at if you want an invite.

mosbb said...

The broccoli soup was astounding.
How were the donuts?

Mobunny said...


Morgan said...

I want one of those donuts! :D