Wednesday, August 6

day 3

at Lowe's
we act as if there is no other place to buy stuff
maybe there isn't?

Olivia went with us to help me with paint.
I think we did real good.
Really well.

Tulip Shell for trim whitish color with a hint of pink
Violet Evening for one cabinet (by the stove) lovely purple color
Sunrise Beach for the walls happy yellow
Aloe Essence for the cabinets ETC. GREAT green
Clean White for the ceiling (we will put OSB board on the ceiling, it's the peanut brittle of wood)

We bought wall board, a ceiling fan and light kit, a light for above the kitchen sink and a light for above the GREEN eating table.
James also bought a microwave.......looks like it is a little fancy, so I will have to learn how to work it. I hope it isn't as hard as driving an airplane.
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Olivia said...

my hair looks like a teddy bear hamster in that picture. :o/ :o)

Oh, I like the microwave. You know that is the one I picked out over a year ago?? If you can't figure it out I guess you'll just have to start drinking your coffee before it gets cold. :o)

Mobunny said...


Mamalama said...

Olivia is such a card. :)

Mo, i think i recognize that jumper. i think you waited a looooooong time to get that material. IF it's the jumper i'm thinking of.

it was worth the wait. it's LOVELY on you. {{{Mo}}}