Monday, July 14


I tried so hard to get these pictures and events in order and I still messed up.
I just can't seem to think upsidedown intherightway.
I tried.


Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Michele! Hope you have a GREAT celebration!

Luv ya,

Candy said...

Just wanted to "hop" by to wish you a happy and blessed birthday!
Hugs & God Bless,


Mobunny said...

I had a lovely day........but the birthday isn't over yet!

Happymama said...

I enjoyed all of your pictures. They were fun to look always. I love the humor you show in pictures and posts.

You and your sister look like your dad, by the way...except for beard of course.

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time.


Mobunny said...

thanks for the beard distinction.....

Diamond to Be said...

Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your photos of KS. We moved to AZ from Wichita about five years ago, and the Sedgwick Co Zoo was one of our favorite places to go. Cute store in Hutch -- I think I have been there! Ah, nostalgia...
I'm a pastor's wife, too. Blog friend of Theresa.

Mobunny said...

Thanks for hopping by, Sally.