Saturday, February 9

my dad

He used to have a little store in a gazebo he built behind the house. It wasn't really a gazebo, but that's what they called it. It was a square that was screened in......he built beds in it so when we came to see them, the boys could sleep out there......and watch the Little Rascals on an old TV. As you see, his little store is closed. My dad hasn't been feeling so well lately.
He has had pain and trouble with his legs for quite a few years. He has gotten somewhat of a runaround trying to get help with the pain........he very well could be taken care of finally..............
except now he has trouble with his foot that accidently got shot when he was young. The shot has spread around in his foot and caused infections, even in his bones. It has made him miserable for many years. When we went to Aunt Sharon's funeral, he was in the hospital. We very much missed him being home. His chair was empty.
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I am so sorry that your Dad was not able to be their with you all. Yes, his chair looks very empty. Maybe this summer he will feel like being up and if he eats plenty of salt to keep his blood presure up, you all will have lots of You remember him saying, "Pass the salt, I think my blood pressure is getting low." I am sure you missed your Dad being home. love you, Grandma

Chas said...

I am sorry your Dad was not feeling well, I hope that he will be better soon!
Love you,

Hon Rosie said...

I remember watching Little Rascals in the Gazebo.... Soooo many memory's!