Monday, February 18

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Happy day to the millions that read my blog.
May you all have an ice cream cone kind of day.
Remember who you are and what you are about.
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Peach said...

I don't think I'm having an ice cream cone day.

Chas said...

Millions read your blog?!?!
I am so jealous! :)
What if I don't like ice cream?
Have a great day anyways!

momomof3 said...

OH that looks so good, and where can I get one???? I am so going to have a happy kind of day!!!

Thanks Michele..
We love ya.

Michele said...

Did I say MILLIONS? I meant billions chas............
Sorry Peach.
momomof3, Baskin Robbins.
You have to sell your van first though. Those two cones were $8.00.

mosbb said...

I am a Child of the King...that is a much preferable thought than who I am without Him.
The ice cream made me smile. I haven't had any in quite a while...
but someday soon.....