Saturday, October 6

one more picture............

I LOVE the name Suzannah.........but I'm afraid if I named a daughter Susanna, that I would have spelled it different every time I wrote it.
susannah suzanna susana suzanna suzanaa
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Anonymous said...

I love that name, too!

Lucy was ALMOST a Susannah. If we ever get to have another pink bundle, she WILL be Susannah. I can spell her name, but I can't decide on a nickname...Susie? Suzie? Anna? Annie? Annabelle? Bananabelle? ;P

Robin, mother of The Seven

mosbb said...

every time I write her name, I have to change the Z to an S

Chas said...

I love the name suzannah too!
I also love the name Savannah!

Susannah said...

Well, gee, thanks, Mrs. Mo. :D I'm kinda fond of it myself. Even though there are a million ways to spell it.

I was named after a family ancestor.