Friday, October 12

Just like Aunt Tina............

Now I have a little jar with a plant in my kitchen window.........just like Aunt Tina.
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Chas said...

Pretty.. I want a cutting of that, I have a friend around here with one... I need to ask for a cutting!!

Sunshine Seeker said...

I need one of those!!!
I had the most BEAUTIFUL perfect plant before I left Alaska and no matter how hard I thought about it I couldnt come up with a way to bring it with me (without killng it).
So I left it there and Ang killed it for me. :O(

Mombunny said...

Wish I could share it with both of you......maybe I can in a year. Hold on!

mosbb said...

Yep, bek, you are right. They are wonderful if you can see the leaves through the dust.
I have one that grows all over the top of my hutch and kitchen partition.