Tuesday, September 11

Table cloth into apron..............

I didn't too much care for this as a table cloth, so I thought it would be a good one to do a 'first' with..........
Here are the pieces, the skirt, the waistband, the ties and the bib. The bib will not have ties but instead will have safety pins.
This is the pocket that would hold three kittens!
There was enough table cloth for all the parts to the apron, 3 little pieces that I'm going to hem and use for towels...........and this is all that was left!
I can't wait to get it sewn. YES, I know the design on the apron isn't terribly appealing, but it is fitting.
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Chas said...

You are just so clever!!! I can't wait to see how it looks put together!!

Mrs.B said...

I bet it will be lovely when you're finished! I love to see things turned into something other then what they were originally intended to be. (o:

Mrs. SewBunny said...

I've got some of it sewn together!!! I can't wait to see it either. I'm trying to decide how to put the skirt on the waistband...gathered?...pleated? ....now I want to cut up another tablecloth!!!!!

Anonymous said...

no, it's lovely.. really. I think that it is perfect apron pattern.

~Melissa Smith