Monday, August 13

Just a Jumper

I made this jumper for a camp-out.
I gave $1.00 a yard for the fabric and hoped it
would be good fabric. It WAS! I enjoy
wearing this jumper because a happy
yellow t-shirt goes with it.
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Chas said...

Oh Mrs. Mo!!! I LOVE this jumper!!! I Love the gingham around the waist!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE yellow!!!! It is soooo pretty! I am for sure going to save my pennies so you can make me a jumper soon!!! :)
You look beautiful by the way! :)

momomof3 said...

Michele I know what you mean about the material you get for a dollar. It is really hit and miss. But you got a good hit. And it really looks nice on you. See you later.

Happymama said...

Did the pattern call for the ribbon or did you just add it. It's really cute.


Mrs. SewBunny said...

I add the contrasting fabric just for fun. I have a little dress hanging in the sewing room (formerly the Sunny Bunny Room) that is black and white checked flannel, with a maroon calico print on the bottom and a navy blue calico print for the collar and tie and it inspired me to 'mix' fabrics. It is a delightful little dress!