Wednesday, August 15

From our globe-trotting neighbor!

This is a paper mache box from Moscow! It has mother of pearl in the sky....
it red inside.
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momomof3 said...

Michele, that is so precious. I think to own something like that is so adorable. Treasure it, you can never know if you will ever get to visit Russia.

Peach said...

Very pretty.
On a personal note:
I would very much like to converse with you about a critical (to me) matter concerning our church.
If you would like to do this via e-mail or phone, please let me know. :)

Chas said...

That is just lovely, I can imagine it is even more so in person... just beautiful!

Michele in Texas said...

chas, the top of it is soft....if that is possible........
maybe a better word would be smoooooth