Sunday, March 4


Do you know what I have to do to my hair to get it like I like it to be?
Wash it.
Don't blow dry it.
Just do the bangs.
Go to Randall's and buy leeks and turnips.
Go to Bucee's and get coffee.
Blow dry it.
Curl it with the big hot rollers.
Put it in a weave with red rose bobby pins.
Help cook a Redwall Feast.
Take the rose bobby pins out before taking a short nap.
Brush it an put it in a plain pony tail.
Go to a college choir that is singing at the Clarion.
Go to Kroger for some allergy medicine.
Take it out of the pony tail and go to bed.
Get up, drink some coffee and put it in a barrette!
Wha-Lah. It's like I want it.
Also, the weather has to be just right. Kinda windy, not too windy. Chilly but not too chilly. Kind of sunny.



Boy, that sounds like fun, especially the coffee part. Love you, Grandma

Susannah said...

Brilliant analysis of what goes in to the making of a Good Hair Day.

Now, can you repeat and get the same results?